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Most great things start right at home.
Maybe that’s why our first client was a building products manufacturer. Since then, we’ve helped myriad home related brands fight daily market share battles while fueling growth through strong brand strategy and creative execution.

Westlake Royal: Vantage Shutters

Off Your Back

Vantage is one of the many brands we worked with inside the Westlake Royal portfolio. To secure and grow greater big box distribution with Lowe’s, Vantage needed to drive sales by increasing consumer awareness for its curb appeal, affordability, and ease of installation.

Neighbors giving you a sideways eye on the sidewalk? Vantage has your back.

Westlake Royal: Vantage Shutters

Take Back Your Weekend

With their ease of installation and lifelong low maintenance, Vantage gives people the thing they desire most - time to do what they really want to do. No scraping, sanding or painting. Instead, enjoy whatever makes you happy.


Stanley Black & Decker

There Isn’t A City in the World

Since 1843, The Stanley Works (known today as Stanley Black & Decker) has offered a multiverse of solutions to build a better world. For several years, we helped the company fill its social media content calendar with provocative creative to illustrate the vast solutions that improve their lives around the world.

City_Hong Kong.jpg

Think Outside The Toolbox


Tough Beyond Measure

Although Stanley Black & Decker helps mine for solutions with underwater pipeline construction, improve our healthcare facilities, and provide large machinery for infrastructure projects across the world’s highways, their most iconic product may be the timeless tape rule. When the DeWALT brand leveraged its legacy of power tools to enter the hand tool space, we worked with DeWALT’s PBR world champion bull rider Silvano Alves to illustrate what toughness is all about.

OX Engineered Products

Performance to the Core

Ox Engineered Products created its line of insulation, structural sheathing, and structural insulated sheathing to protect, resist and ensure enclosures meet the highest standards of energy and thermal efficiency. But, so have dozens of others in the marketplace. 

Following its acquisition, our task was to create a contemporary brand identity for OX that indicated its bold approach to creating the very best solutions - all driven by a commitment to meet today’s construction environment demands with everchanging codes and rapidly advancing building science. The result: Performance to the Core. 

Grayne Engineered Products

Grayne It Only Looks Like Real Wood

Boral Building Products offered a premium cedar shake style PVC siding with its Foundry brand. But, when its engineering team developed an even more realistic looking siding, it needed to differentiate this product from the rest of its line. With a tongue-in-cheek, “those people are so fake!” approach, we showed how Grayne PVC siding is as close to wood as you can get. 

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